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2-4 Players

15-20 Minutes

+5 years

Join Foffa, the beloved mascot of Foldvik Familiepark, in a fun-filled eco-adventure with "Foffa the Environmental Guardian - Clean Delight in the Park"! This engaging board game invites players of all ages to tidy up the park, ensuring a pleasant and litter-free environment for all visitors.

Before the Game:Set the stage for environmental action by placing the board at the center of your table, arranging trash chips on the designated “F” fields, trash side up to keep the points hidden. Each eco-warrior selects a colored playing piece, starting at the base camp, eager to embark on the cleanup quest.

How to Play

Your mission is clear – help Foffa collect various colored trash pieces strewn across the park and sort them into matching color-coded bins. Navigate through the winding paths, indicated by arrows, to reach the green, blue, and brown bins, corresponding to general waste, plastic, and bottles, respectively.

Upon rescuing trash from the green spaces, reveal its value by flipping the chip to the point side. But be alert! Encounters with fellow players can turn competitive as you get the chance to nab a trash chip from their collection – provided it's still on its trash side.

Roll the dice and strategize your moves – you're free to chart your path in any direction but can't reverse during the same turn. If the dice roll doesn't suit your plan, you're at liberty to halt your advance early, though it means pausing your cleanup until the next turn.

Exciting Park Features

Speed through the park by boarding the Tøffen Train, making swift trips from start to end of the track, or make a splash by sliding down the water slides – a playful detour that might just slide you ahead in the game!

Winning the Game:Once all the trash has been collected and correctly sorted, it’s time to tally up. The player who has gathered the most points becomes Foldvik Familiepark's top Environmental Guardian!