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Want to publish any of our games?

Strange Games is not a publisher of games in general. We do publish games we make for organizations and companies, but we do not publish these for retail. Some of the custom games we make can absolutly do well in the general market, but they are primarly made for that spesific organiszation.

We do, however, design board games that are not custom made for a customer. For these games we cooperate with publishers that are bringing games to a broader audience. We have several games in this category and will welcome any publisher to make contact and enquire about what games we have that is ready for a publisher to look at.

We will make prototypes and a presentation of each of the games that any publisher takes interest in for a detailed description. If you, as a publisher, is interested in any game we have developed, every part of that game is customizable and there is nothing that can't be changed if this suits your needs better. In short, the art, the descriptions, the stories behind the games and everything else will be tailored your wants and needs.

Don't hesitate to contact us!