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Who are we?

Strange Games is run by Eirik Belaska (CEO and gamedesigner) and Kristine Strange Johansen (CFO and Co-designer). The comany was started in May 2021, but several games were already close to done. Our first game, HEKKspedisjon, was a product of the Covid-19 pandemic. We and a group of friends wanted to find a way to travel without actually going around the world as borders were closed and the virus was still not under control. Both Kristine and Eirik love boardgames, so the idea almost presented itself. We spent a year developing the game and the mechanics and after having playtested the game with alot of friends, we decided we wanted to publish it and share it with the world. At least with the entire country as a start. We registered a company, made this website and contacted printers to check if it was possible to realize the project. We are glad to say we found what we were looking for, and we are very proud of the endresult.