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1-3 Players

30 Minutes for
each scenario

+12 Years

Welcome to "North Pole Showdown: Gnomes vs Goblins"!

Embark on a whimsical yet thrilling adventure at the most magical place on Earth – the North Pole! But all is not merry and bright in this winter wonderland. Deep beneath the sparkling snow and festive cheer, a sinister plot is unfolding. Goblins, driven by mischief and malice, are scheming to ruin Christmas for everyone. Their tunnels, hidden beneath the frosted landscape, are teeming with dangers and dark magic.

In "North Pole Showdown: Gnomes vs Goblins," you step into the shoes of Santa’s bravest defenders – the Gnomes. As a Protector or a Mystic, each with unique abilities and spells, you will navigate through treacherous terrains, from enchanted forests to icy caves, to thwart the goblins' nefarious plans.

Game Highlights:

  • A lightweight RPG ranging from level 1 - 5.
  • Diverse Characters: Choose your class and level up your gnome, gaining new abilities and spells as you progress through the game.
  • Immersive Scenarios: Engage in richly detailed scenarios, each presenting unique challenges and storylines, as part of the overarching narrative in the "Annals of Christmas."
  • Strategic Gameplay: Combine skill, strategy, and a bit of luck (thanks to our trusty dice rolls) to overcome obstacles, outsmart goblins, and achieve your mission.
  • Interactive Maps: Navigate Santa’s maps, filled with Points of Interest, challenging terrains, and hidden secrets that align with each scenario’s unique storyline.
  • Solo or Cooperative Play: Designed for 1-3 players, this game offers an equally engaging experience whether you’re embarking on a solo quest or joining forces with friends.



Scenario map examples


Join the Adventure!
Experience the thrill, the magic, and the responsibility of saving Christmas in this enchanting game. Perfect for family game nights, holiday gatherings, or as a delightful addition to your game collection. Let the showdown at the North Pole begin!