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120 Minutes

+14 years

2-4 Players

In the newly discovered lands of Westfoldir four great Jarls have arrived to claim the lands and its resources for their clans. Having been forced to move their people because of storms, biting cold and lands of low yield, each Jarl is determined to take the high seat as the supreme ruler in lands that promise great harvests and milder winters.

The Aesir are watching the developments closely and won’t hesitate to interfere both to reward and punish their underlings as they strive to make a new life for themselves. The Aesir are whimsical by nature and the only way of ensuring their goodwill is to send them offerings.

The Jarls must not only strive to develop their villages and clans but must also make sure to have the Aesirs blessings in their favour. Failing to do so will surely end in misery.

They have all heard the stories of the Spirit Shaman. He is said to be extremely powerful. It is also whispered that he has gained the eternal favour of the Aesir. The quest to find him is on, and whomever reaches his lair will truly gain an advantage!

Northerners - is a midlevel strategygame with engine building, resource management, worker- and tileplacement as its major mechanics. You play as one of four Jarls, working tirelessly to make your clan the biggest, most advanced and richest clan of Westfoldir. To achieve this you must build houses for your vikings, a shipsbuilder, a vikingship, a weaponhouse and accomodation for your workers. You should also consider building a Woodcutter to gain wood resources, a Stone Quarry to gain Stone and an Iron Mine for access to Iron.

In addition to managing your own clan, you must follow the advancement of your opponents and even be sure to keep the Aesir pleased with you and your kin.