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Crumbling Castles is a battlecard game where 2-6 players gathers their deck of creatures, mechanics, spells and trait to fight eachother for the title of Master of the Crumbling Castles. By employing creatures and buildings to their castles they will use their own special abilities to defend their own territories and bring their opponents to the ground.

He was born in a world where dragons were seen as either majestic or terrifying creatures, depending on who you asked. But for Kortosh, dragons were family. His mother, a human, was a powerful sorceress who had dedicated her life to studying dragons and their ways. His father, a dragon, was a noble creature who had been intrigued by Kortosh's mother's fascination with his kind.

Kortosh grew up in a small village nestled in the mountains, where his mother had settled down to continue her research. From a young age, Kortosh had an insatiable curiosity about the world and his own unique heritage. His mother, eager to foster his interest, taught him everything she knew about magic and dragons. As Kortosh grew older, he began to notice that he was different from the other children in the village. He was stronger, faster, and had an innate connection to magic that he couldn't explain. It wasn't until he was a teenager that his mother revealed to him the truth about his father and his own dragon blood.

Kortosh was both thrilled and terrified by the revelation. On the one hand, he was proud to be the son of a dragon and excited to explore his own abilities. On the other hand, he knew that dragons were feared and hunted by many people, and he worried about what would happen if his secret was discovered. Despite his fears, Kortosh continued to study magic and dragon lore with his mother, and he began to develop his own unique abilities as a magus. He discovered that he had an affinity for elemental magic, just like his dragon father..

Kortosh saw this as an opportunity to explore the world and test his own abilities, so he joined a group of adventurers passing through the village without hesitation. Over the years, he became a skilled fighter and a powerful magus, earning the nickname "The Dragontouched" for his unique heritage and abilities.

Now, as a champion, Kortosh uses his elemental magic and dragon blood to defend his castle and defeat his enemies. He knows that his unique heritage makes him a target, but he is determined to use his abilities to protect his allies and honor his dragon family.

Deathwaiver Dur'alh Mir was once a noble and powerful mage, respected and feared by all who knew him. Born into a wealthy family, Dur'alh was trained in the magical arts from a young age, showing exceptional talent and potential. He quickly rose to prominence in the world of magic, dazzling his peers and elders with his innovative ideas and powerful spells.

However, Dur'alh's ambition was insatiable. He wanted more power, more knowledge, and more control over the forces of magic. He began to delve deeper and deeper into forbidden necromantic arts, experimenting with the dark forces of death and decay. At first, his colleagues tried to warn him of the dangers of such magic, but Dur'alh was too far gone. He became obsessed with the idea of mastering the ultimate power of life and death, and he would stop at nothing to achieve it.

In his pursuit of this ultimate power, Dur'alh made a terrible mistake. He attempted to resurrect his beloved wife, who had died tragically in a magical accident. But the magic was too powerful for him to control, and the resulting spell turned his wife into an undead abomination, a horrific creature that lashed out at everything around her. In the end, Dur'alh was forced to destroy her, and he was left broken and consumed by guilt and grief.

From that day forward, Dur'alh was a changed man. He had lost everything he cared about, and he had nothing left to lose. He embraced the dark magic of necromancy fully, using his powers to raise an army of undead minions and to inflict pain and suffering upon anyone who dared to oppose him. He became known as Deathwaiver, a name that struck fear into the hearts of all who heard it.

Now, Deathwaiver Dur'alh Mir roams the land with his army of undead, seeking to expand his power and control over all of the forces of magic. He is a ruthless and powerful necromancer, capable of summoning hordes of undead creatures and wielding dark, necrotic magic that can drain the life force from his enemies. He cares for nothing but his own ambition and his thirst for power, and he will stop at nothing to achieve his ultimate goal: to become the most powerful mage in the land, and to rule over all who oppose him.

Dragonrider Alazaren was born in the Kingdom of the Elves, a land of magical creatures and beautiful forests. From a young age, she was fascinated by the dragons, the most majestic creatures of all. As she grew up, she spent most of her time studying everything there was to know about dragons, from their behavior to their physiology. Her parents, who were both knights, saw the potential in their daughter and decided to enroll her in the academy of dragon knights.

At the academy, Alazaren excelled in her studies, quickly becoming one of the top students. Her dedication and passion for dragons earned her the respect and admiration of her fellow students and teachers. It wasn't long before Alazaren was paired with a dragon of her own, a magnificent creature named Mirax.

There were those who were jealous of Alazaren's talent and sought to bring her down. One such rival was a young knight named Galen, who had a bitter rivalry with Alazaren. Galen was determined to prove that he was the better dragon knight and challenged Alazaren to a duel.

The duel was intense, with both knights and their dragons fighting fiercely. In the end, Alazaren and Mirax emerged victorious, proving once again that they were the best. From that day on, Galen was humbled and began to respect Alazaren as a worthy opponent.

As the years went by, Alazaren and Mirax continued to defend their kingdom from all kinds of threats, from marauding trolls to rampaging dragons.

As high guardian of the Kingdom, Alazaren protects her lands from all who try to invade.

Dural Mold, the Lightbringer, was born into a small village on the outskirts of a great kingdom. As a child, Dural was fascinated by stories of knights and heroes who protected the people from evil. He would often spend hours listening to the village elders tell tales of daring deeds and valiant battles.

When he was old enough, Dural joined the local militia, hoping to become a great warrior like the ones he had heard about in stories. His training was rigorous, and he quickly became one of the most skilled fighters in the village.

However, Dural's true calling came when he was visited by a divine vision. In the dream, he saw himself as a champion of light, fighting against the forces of darkness that threatened to consume the world. The vision filled him with a sense of purpose and he knew that he had to pursue his calling as a cleric of light.

Dural left his village and journeyed to the holy city, where he devoted himself to the study of the divine arts. He spent years mastering the ways of the gods, learning how to channel their power through his sword and his spells. He also learned how to summon heavenly creatures to fight alongside him in battle.

Finally, Dural was ready to embark on his quest to rid the world of evil. He traveled far and wide, battling against monsters and demons that threatened innocent lives. His reputation as a champion of light grew with each victory, and many began to call him the Lightbringer.

As he continued his journey, Dural discovered that there were other champions like him, each with their own unique abilities and strengths. Some was, like him, in service of the good, while others was fighting for the dark side. He took an oath to protect the lands from all evil, and is leading the war for all that is Divine as they are determined to rid the world of evil.

Tyra Cindercloud was born in a secluded elven community, deep in the heart of a dense forest. Her mother was an elf and her father was a human druid, who had wandered into the community and fallen in love with Tyra's mother. As a result of this mixed heritage, Tyra had a unique blend of elven grace and human curiosity.

From an early age, Tyra was fascinated by the natural world around her. She would often spend hours watching the animals and plants, learning their behaviors and secrets. As she grew older, she began to develop her own druidic abilities, and her connection to the natural world grew stronger. She could speak with the animals, control the elements, and shape-shift into different forms.

When Tyra was a teenager, her peaceful community was threatened by a group of humans who were cutting down the forest to build a new town. Tyra and her fellow elves tried to reason with the humans, but they refused to listen. The situation escalated into a violent conflict, and Tyra found herself using her druidic powers to defend her people.

After the conflict was resolved, Tyra realized that she needed to leave her community and explore the world. She felt a deep sense of responsibility to protect the natural world, and she knew that there were many other communities like hers that were at risk. Tyra decided to become a "Watcher" - a druid who travels the world, keeping watch over the balance of nature and intervening when necessary.

Over the years, Tyra has traveled far and wide, encountering many different creatures and communities. She has helped to protect forests from loggers, stopped rivers from flooding, and even battled against powerful dark magic. She has become known as one of the most powerful and respected Watchers in the world, and her name is whispered with reverence in druidic circles.

Now, Tyra has been called upon to join the fight of the Crumbling Castles. She sees this as an opportunity to test her skills against other powerful beings and to learn more about the forces that threaten the balance of nature.

In the land of Aranthia, Cedric was born into a family of paladins who had served the kingdom for generations. He was the youngest of four siblings and was born with a natural sense of justice and a desire to serve his people. Cedric's father, an esteemed paladin, recognized his son's potential at a young age and began to train him in the ways of combat and righteousness.

Growing up, Cedric was an eager student, and he excelled in his training. His father taught him not only the art of combat but also the importance of upholding the virtues of his order, including honor, compassion, and wisdom. Cedric was eager to prove himself and make his father proud, and he trained tirelessly to achieve his goal.

As he grew older, Cedric's reputation as a champion of justice and righteousness grew throughout the land. He was known for his unwavering dedication to his cause and his fearlessness in the face of danger. Many who crossed him quickly regretted it, as Cedric was a formidable opponent in battle.

One day, Cedric received word that his father had been killed while on a mission to stop a group of bandits who were terrorizing the countryside. Devastated by his loss, Cedric vowed to avenge his father's death and bring the bandits to justice.

He set out on his quest, traveling far and wide in search of the bandits. Along the way, he encountered many dangers and faced numerous challenges, but his faith in his cause never wavered. Finally, after months of searching, he came face to face with the bandits who had killed his father.

In a fierce battle, Cedric fought with all his might, his fury fueled by the memory of his father. He emerged victorious, and the bandits were brought to justice. Cedric had fulfilled his vow, and his father's honor had been restored.

From that day forward, Cedric continued to serve as a champion of justice and righteousness, inspiring others with his bravery and selflessness. He became known as "Cedric the Pure," a name that embodied his unwavering dedication to his cause and his unyielding commitment to the virtues of his order. His legend grew, and he became a symbol of hope and justice for all those in Aranthia who sought to live in peace and prosperity.