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2-5 Players

120 Minutes

+14 years







Introduction to the game



Breaking Moon is an engaging Eurogame that thrusts players into a race against time to save humanity from a crumbling moon and impending floods on Earth. In this cooperative board game, 2 to 5 players must work together to construct a life-saving space station, utilizing strategic movements, resource management, and the development of advanced technologies. With dynamic gameplay, and a gripping narrative, Breaking Moon offers an immersive gaming experience where players must unite to overcome the relentless challenges posed by a disintegrating moon and changing tides. Will you have what it takes to shape the destiny of humanity and secure our future among the stars?


In Breaking Moon, Tech Cards represent cutting-edge technologies developed by players. These cards come in four distinct categories, each offering unique benefits and strategies:

🔴 Action Cards: These provide you with extra actions each turn, expanding your possibilities. Keep in mind that each action can only be performed once per turn, but having multiple actions at your disposal can be a game-changer when you're racing against time.

🔵 Event Cards: Event cards introduce one-time game-changing events that can affect the course of your journey immediately. The points from these cards are gained instantly, and the card is then placed in the discard pile for tech cards.

🟢 Activation Cards: Activation cards allow players to accumulate different sets of resources repeatedly. Once resources are placed on an activation card, they cannot be taken back, but the points on the card indicate how many points you earn for each set of resources. Points from activation cards are tallied at the end of the game.

🟡 Expanse Cards: These cards represent inventions and expansions that will benefit you and your fellow survivors on the space station. Completing an expanse card immediately grants you points, and the card is then placed in the discard pile. Importantly, expanses can be built even before the space station is complete.


Population cards represents humanity's last hope. It's your duty to rescue survivors and ensure their safety from the encroaching floodwaters. Here's how Population Cards work:

  1. Sea Levels: Breaking Moon features a sea level mechanic ranging from 0 to 4. The numbers on the side of your player boards represent these sea levels. Sea level 1 is the lowest and the first to flood, while 4 is the last.

  2. Rescuing Survivors: When you rescue survivors, you'll draw Population Cards. Each card specifies a sea level where the survivors are found. Place these cards next to the corresponding sea level on your player board.

  3. Scientific Contribution: Some Population Cards depict scientists among the survivors. If your card shows scientists, add them to your player board. Keep in mind that you can have a maximum of three active scientists at any time.

  4. Evacuation: The ultimate goal is to evacuate these survivors to the space station (once it's complete). Survivors on sea level 4 are eligible for evacuation. When you evacuate them, you gain the points indicated on the Population Cards.