Once nicknamed Erik Fair, Jarl Erik is now a battle-scarred and vengeful man. He had both riches and lands. He had a gorgeous family and life smiled at him from every corner. His wife, Ragna, was so beautiful that even some Aesir envied him and tried to scheme their way int her hart. Ragna would have nothing of it and stood firmly at her husband’s side. Her loyalty would turn out to be her doom, and the start of Eriks worst nightmare. The half Aesir, half giant Loke refused to take Ragna’s no for an answer and decided that should he not get her, no one would. He ventured into the halls of Helheim, where his daughter Hel reigns. During their conversation, he tells her that he has heard of a woman called Ragna who is going around telling everyone that she will fight Hel whenever the goddess should want, and that she has called the ruler of Helheim a coward for not taking up the challenge. Hel is outraged by the impudence of this tiny human and decides to show the little human who she is messing with. She travels to Eriks village and calls Ragna outside. Ragna walks out, closely followed by her children. She tries to deny the accusations the Aesir utters, but with a flick of her wrist Hel kills both Ragna and her children. Erik comes running out when he hears his wife’s plea. As he runs out the shadowy figure before him laughs and vanishes before his eyes with the words “No being, either man nor Aesir challenges the ruler of Helheim and lives”.

Erik falls to his knees, crying while he curses the Gods for letting this happen. Soon after he has lost his riches, his lands, and his eye. After being deemed an outlaw by the other Jarls in his home region, he gathers up his few loyal men and sets sail for the lands of Westfoldir where he is told the Aesir are ever present. He seeks to build up a new strong clan, but most of all, he seeks vengeance on the Gods for taking his family.